SJSU Welcomes Spartan Community Back

San José State is celebrating the return of many students, faculty and staff to campus, including Weeks of Welcome, which span the first five to six weeks of instruction. The goal is to welcome returning students and greet and support new students in their transition to the Spartan community.


Most Transformative University

Ranked by Money magazine based on graduation rates, earnings and student loan repayment.


Best Undergraduate Engineering Program

Ranked by U.S. News and World Report among Public Universities that offer bachelor’s and master’s degrees.


Top Colleges for Diversity in the Nation

Ranked by Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education (WSJ/THE) among colleges and universities in the nation for diversity in school environments.


Weeks of Welcome Events

Why Choose SJSU?

Shaping the Future of Student Success

San José State provides a world-class education—whether courses are online or in person. The university is expanding the ways we provide high-quality education and unique research and hands-on experiences to students.


How Diamonds Could Unlock the Secrets of Quantum Physics

What makes diamonds so valuable? Most of us would point to their brilliance, clarity and beauty. But Christopher Smallwood, assistant professor of physics and astronomy at San José State, has a different answer: He looks to diamonds as the key to unearthing the secrets of quantum physics.


Listen to “The Accidental Geographer” Season 2

Hosted by our very own Provost, Vincent del Casino, “The Accidental Geographer” is designed to introduce the expertise of SJSU faculty, whose research, teaching, and commitments to community engagement bring life to this cutting-edge university. Available on your favorite podcast platforms.

Last Updated Sep 1, 2021
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